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Khuri-Yakub Ultrasonics group

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Our research focuses on the development and applications of capacitive micromachined ultrasound transducers, or CMUTs. Piezoelectric transducers have long dominated ultrasonic transducer technology, but CMUTs have recently emerged as an alternative offering advantages such as wide bandwidth, ease of fabricating large arrays, and potential for integration with supporting electronic circuits. Applications of CMUT technology include chemical sensors, medical imaging, therapeutics, and air-coupled ultrasound.


4/19/2016: Congrats to Junyi Wang and Spiros Baltsavias (Prof Arbabian's lab), winners of this year's Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

4/4/2016: Professor Khuri-Yakub is inducted into the AIMBE College of Fellows. The AIMBE College of Fellows represents the most accomplished and distinguished medical and biological engineers responsible for innovation and discovery. 

3/29/2016: Our new website is live!