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Image of Professor Butrus

Professor Butrus (Pierre) T. Khuri-Yakub


Arif Sanli Ergun

Current position: Visting Scholar
Education: BSc, MSc, PhD Bilkent University EE, Ankara, Turkey
Research interests: Medical ultrasound, underwater acoustics, MEMS, electronics. 

Chi Nan Pai

Current position: Visting Scholar
Education: Doctor of Medicine and BS in Mechatronics Engineering from University of Sao Paulo. PhD in Mechano-Micro Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology
Research interests:  Medical imaging and devices, Artificial organs, Therapeutic ultrasound 

Morten Rasmussen

Current position: Research Associate
Education: BS, MS, and PhD at the Technical University of Denmark
Research interests: Ultrasound imaging, ultrasound neuro-stimulation, ultrasonic transducers and devices, ultrasound signal processing, and underwater acoustics. 

Kamyar Firouzi

Current position: Research Associate
Education: MS in Mechanical Engineering, University College London, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University
Research interests: Ultrasound Neurostimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Ultrasonic Transducers/Devices, Ultrasound/MEMS Modeling, Inverse Problems and Signal Processing in Ultrasound

Quintin Stedman

Current position: Research Associate
Education: BA in Physics, Cornell University, PhD in Applied Physics, Stanford University
Research interests: CMUT chemical sensors

Kevin Brenner

Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Education: BS, MS, and PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology 
Research interests: MEMS Fabrication/Modeling, Piezoelectric Materials, Ultrasonic Imaging/Therapy

Minoo Kabir

Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Education: BS and MS in Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, PhD in Structural Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Research interests: Transcranial Ultrasound Device, Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers

Bo Ma

Current position: Post-Doctoral Fellow
Education: BS, MS in Electrical Engineering, Jilin University, PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University 
Research interests: Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers, MEMS Devices and Systems Integration, Micro/Nanofabrication Technology

Fareeha Safir

Current position: PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering
Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Research interests: Acoustic Printing, Acoustic Particle Dynamics and Multiphase Flows, Medical Diagnostics

Gerard Touma

Current position: PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering
Education: BS, American University of Beirut
Research interests: Mixed signal circuit design; low power circuits and systems for wearable and implantable devices

Junyi Wang

Current position: PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering
Education: BS in Physics, Peking Univerity. MS in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
Research interests: Sensor Interface Integrated Circuits and on-chip System